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Helps you get the Loyalty Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

CITGO offers a streamlined, flexible loyalty program that provides real solutions that are tailored to your specific needs for your specific marketing situation, with the support and assistance to make it work.  And, we’ll help pick up the tab!

Have you ever considered offering a loyalty program for your customers?  Were you overwhelmed by how much detail and plain old hard work was required?

CITGO doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  We know from years of working with you that every situation is different and that a customized solution is almost always better.  That’s why we’ve developed a process that enables you to make the right decisions for your needs, enabling you to plug and play and start reaping the rewards of a successful loyalty program!

Going it alone is an option only if you have the deep resources and time to take care of all the myriad details and moving parts within your operation, day by day, for the long haul.  But, if you really want your loyalty program to pay off for you AND free yourself up to take care of other important business needs, we encourage you to engage the services of Exclusive Connection$.  This professional sales and marketing team specializes in an array of services, including but not limited to:

  • Consultation on identifying the right plan

  • Loyalty card design, issuance, and registration support

  • Customizable advertising, promotions and POP solutions

  • Optimum technical partner identification and support

  • Promotion Marketplace

  • Training

  • Program budgeting and analysis

Not only will partnering with Exclusive Connection$ ensure all of the necessary functions and details are covered, it will also earn you an extra incentive of $750 on top of the basic incentive offer, as well as an additional $250 incentive for enrolling in the Promo Marketplace via Exclusive Connection$.

Industry Leading Technology Partners

We’ve selected four of the industry’s leading loyalty technology providers:


  • Centego (an Excentus Company)

  • Kickback Loyalty

  • Loyalink (Pinnacle POS)

  • Outsite Networks

While all of these technology providers are top-of-the-line, each excels in different areas of expertise and specialization and they offer a wide variety of programs suited to your business objectives.

How Long Will It Take To Launch Your Loyalty Program?

Once you select your technology partner, it will take about 6-8 weeks to implement your loyalty program.

Loyalty Bucks Incentive Program

  • $500 for a Basic Program
  • $1,000 for an Integrated EPOS Program
    • Ruby with Sapphire or Gilbarco Passport
    • Incentive paid at program launch
  • Marketer receives $750 for partnering with Exclusive Connection$
    • Incentive paid at program launch
  • $250 for Exclusive Connection$ Promo Marketplace Implementation

TOTAL Possible Funding = $2,000 per Location

Now You’re On Your Way

So, now you know exactly how to start building the loyalty program you need to prosper and thrive in the future.  Of course, we here at CITGO are always on hand to answer any questions or provide help anytime you need it.  And while we’re on the subject of loyalty, we appreciate yours for the CITGO brand and thank you for your business.

Contact Us

For more information on getting started, contact:

Exclusive Connection$

1-800-467-8073 ext. 1


If you have questions regarding the loyalty program contact:


Dan Rickel

CITGO Marketing Technology Manager

1-800-32 CITGO ext. 5238