Shell Announces “Diamond Deal” with Exclusive Connection$ to drive In-Store Incentives for Retailers

For Shell Retailers, the program package includes enlisting in-store suppliers locally, regionally and nationally to drive additional promotional incentives into the Fuel Rewards® program that Shell has implemented across their network of locations across the U.S.

Shell Oil Company, the No. 1 selling gasoline brand in the U.S., announced it has reached an agreement with Exclusive Connection$, a loyalty consulting and management company based in Illinois, on a “Diamond Deal” to provide Shell Wholesaler services to support in-store marketing. “Diamond Deals” are partnerships Shell has created with vendors to leverage location size to support best class pricing for Retailers to take advantage of effective programs. “With Diamond Deals, Shell has created a way for companies like ours to effectively provide services to retailers in this channel at effective rates that allow for scalability while providing great value to the location,” said Jamie Hudson, President, Exclusive Connection$.

Exclusive Connection$ core business initiative surrounds supporting loyalty programs in the convenience channel by leveraging CPG and DSD Suppliers to drive promotional rebates through loyalty to increase consumer purchases both inside the location as well as at the dispenser while limiting retailer workload through efficient marketing programs. “Exclusive Connection$ is an extension of our company” says John Wagner of Wagner Oil in Antigo, Wisconsin. He adds “If we did not have their service, we would have to hire a person to do the work they are doing for us and charging a monthly fee to each site. We are getting a better result for less money than adding a full time person to our staff. I feel this is a vital service that is needed to make the loyalty program work for Wagner Oil and any other wholesaler that is running the program. We have tripled our loyalty program since June (2013), and Exclusive Connection$ is an essential part of our success to date.”

For Shell Retailers, the program package includes enlisting suppliers locally, regionally and nationally to drive additional promotional incentives into the Fuel Rewards® program that Shell has implemented across their network of locations across the U.S. The Fuel Rewards program is owned and operated by Excentus Corporation. In addition to enlisting suppliers for these promotional incentives, Exclusive Connection$ supports clients with promotional POP management strategies, rebate settlement and reporting services, as well as creating social media and text programs to drive promotion visibility. Brent Walker, an individual store owner of Pennfield Food Mart in Battle Creek, Michigan notes “I have worked with Exclusive Connection$ for over a year now. I have seen great growth and progress in the Fuel Rewards program at my store since they started working with me on it. They do a great job at making sure deals are known and seen by the customer and they work with my vendors for participation in running Fuel Rewards offers.”

The service is available to all Shell Retailers whether single sites or larger chains with current success stories with clients representing single site dealer locations as well as corporate chain locations. “Exclusive Connections is a valued partner in assisting us in developing a strong following with the Fuel Rewards program. The development of social media with our business and this program has been impactful and very simple to maintain and use” says Don Johnson, VP of Operations & Facilities for Humboldt Petroleum in Eureka, California. He adds, “In life there are no magic bullets, but Exclusive Connections is certainly a bullet you should have in the gun!”

For more information, please visit or contact Exclusive Connection$ at 800-467-8073 ext. 1.


About Exclusive Connection$
Exclusive Connection$, an Illinois based company, prides itself as an innovative marketing and promotions company specializing in best practice initiatives for the convenience store loyalty industry. EC$’s devoted staff works diligently to provide clients with modern streamlined products and services to enhance their business and to drive increased overall revenue and profits. Our core focus areas include overall program consulting relating to platform strategies, supplier engagement to drive loyalty program rebates, training services to ensure quality execution at store level, and social media implementation strategies to increase overall reach in target areas. EC$ currently manages loyalty for over 800 convenience store locations throughout the United States.