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Exclusive Connection$ prides itself as an innovative marketing and promotions company specializing in best practice initiatives for the convenience store loyalty industry. Our devoted staff works diligently to provide clients with modern streamlined products and services to enhance their business and to drive increased overall revenue and profits. Our core focus areas include overall program consulting relating to platform strategies, supplier engagement to drive loyalty program rebates, training services to ensure quality execution at store level, and social media implementation strategies to increase overall reach in target areas. Please inquire for more information and let’s get connected.

Vendor Enlistment & Promotion Implementation

Minimum # of Core Promotions Each Period

Unlimited Secondary Promotions

Settlement Services - Clearinghouse

Site By Site Promotion Result Reporting

Online Communication Portal For Promo Opt In

Program Training Services

Loyalty Program Posting Management

Ability To Push Everyday Store Information & Deals

Social Media Promotion Implementation

Text Club Setup & Management

Zip Code Advertising to Drive Participation

Gift Card Promotions

Site By Site Page Creation For Selected Platforms

Holiday Offers Holiday Offers

Quarterly Offers Quarterly Offers

Weekly Offers Weekly Offers

Weekly Offers Weekly Offers

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Please refer to our buy priligy usa.
Exclusive Connection$ is an extension of our company. If we did not have their service, we would have to hire a person to do the work they are doing for us and charging a monthly fee to each site. We are getting a better result for less money than adding a full time person to our staff. I feel this is a vital service that is needed to make the loyalty program work for Wagner Oil and any other wholesaler that is running the program. We have tripled our loyalty program since June (2013), and Exclusive Connection$ is an essential part of our success to date.
John Wagner, Wagner Oil
John Wagner, Wagner Oil,
Exclusive Connection$ has assisted our company in expanding reach of the Fuel Rewards Network program by working with suppliers to drive funded C-Store based offers into our locations limiting our workload on these initiatives as well as providing creative marketing pieces to aid in reaching consumers to inform of offers available. In addition, EC$ has supported our locations on driving marketing awareness of these offers and otehr store initiatives through social media service management that has increased our reach.
Ashley Pamperin, Titletown Oil
Ashley Pamperin, Titletown Oil,
I have worked with Exclusive Connection$ for over a year now. I have seen Great Growth and Progress in my FRN program since they started working with me on it. They do a great job at making sure deals are known and seen by the customer and they work with my vendors for participation in running FRN offers. I would highly recommend them to any business that runs a rewards program.
Brent Walker, Pennfield Shell Food Mart
Brent Walker, Pennfield Shell Food Mart,
Exclusive Connection$ experience in the loyalty industry and C-Store space in general assisted our company in creating a successful loyalty program not only for our company owned locations but also for our dealer locations.
Bill McCloskey, World Fuels – Texor Division
Bill McCloskey, World Fuels – Texor Division,