Supplier Incentives

The Promo Marketplace was developed to support client programs with additional supplier engagement services by driving national and regional vendor funded promotions into client programs, leveraging overall company client base, and limiting client interaction by generating monthly rebates at a company level.


Leverage client and company contact on national and regional level with continued growth through company marketing initiatives to generate quality supplier funded incentives for all types of client programs.


Support client program platform to enable promotion setup process for qualifying time frame associated with supplier funded incentive agreement.  This includes setting up future promotions within the loyalty portal, and deactivating expiring promotions.


Design and development of promotional in-store marketing pieces, as well as social media advertising in targeted zip codes and text club communications to drive promotion awareness in target markets.  This is monitored monthly and adjusted on a case by case basis, as there is no one size fits all approach and every market is different.


Development of custom supplier reports to effectively communicate and analyze promotion success or failure and consult on future initiatives to drive product sales.


Settlement of supplier rebates from supplier to retailer through customer reporting and invoicing to support effective settlement time frame.  This approach simplifies the process not only for regional and national vendor partners with 1 settlement solution, but now sites will no longer have to track payments from multiple vendors and simplify their reporting process.