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Shell Offers Its Retailers New Loyalty Program Package Exclusive Connection$ deal drives promotion visibility. HOUSTON — Shell Oil Co. hopes to have found a “diamond in the rough” for its branded retailers. The Houston-based company inked an agreement with Exclusive Connection$ as part of its “Diamond Deals” program, which provides Shell wholesaler services to support […]

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Shell Announces “Diamond Deal” with Exclusive Connection$ to drive In-Store Incentives for Retailers For Shell Retailers, the program package includes enlisting in-store suppliers locally, regionally and nationally to drive additional promotional incentives into the Fuel Rewards® program that Shell has implemented across their network of locations across the U.S. FREEPORT, IL (PRWEB) APRIL […]

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NEW CITGO LOYALTY BUCKS PROGRAM DESIGNED TO FIT MARKETERS’ UNIQUE BUSINESS NEEDS Feb 27, 2012 Houston – Feb. 27, 2012 – CITGO Petroleum Corp. knows that when it comes to its network of approximately 6,000 locally owned locations, a “”one-size-fits-all”” is not always the most effective approach for its brand programs. That is why the […]